Award-Winning Service

Because refrigerated trucking is a specialized service, it is important to find a carrier with a proven track record. Would you like to trust your shipments to an award-winning carrier? R.C. Moore has been in refrigerated trucking since the early 1970s. We are honored to have been awarded “Premiere Carrier of the Year” by Sysco and “Outstanding Customer Service” by Nestle Waters. The average length of our customer relationships is 15 years. We enjoy many long-standing customer relationships because we deliver great customer service.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Having hubs in Maine, Pennsylvania and North Carolina allows RC Moore to provide a variety of options. With regional, super regional and national OTR routes, we are able to accommodate multi pick-ups, full or partial pick-ups. Our drivers have been well-trained in the special handling procedures for perishable and frozen freight and we are. Because of the longevity of our drivers and dispatch staff we are able to provide consistent and dependable customer service. The use of light weight trucks and trailers accommodate on average an extra 2 skids per load. Innovative techniques for freight logistics and state-of-the-art communications and tracking equipment make for greater efficiency in the transportation of frozen/chilled food and beverages. Whether you need to ship refrigerated freight to another state, across the USA or into Canada, our compliment of dedicated driving, dispatch and logistics staff look forward to serving you.