Efficient Optimization through Cross Docking

Because R.C. Moore’s focus is overall freight logistics with exceptional customer service, we have found it most beneficial to orient ourselves towards cost per piece or cost per pallet. Cross docking for us is a means to ensure that the utmost efficiency in logistics services can be achieved. For example, load sharing between customers means that if you are moving a partial load you don’t get hit with a TL invoice for only a half load. Another cross docking cost savings measure might entail a more thoughtful use of resources. Moving freight from a reefer to dry van or vice versa could take advantage of the lesser costs per mile for transport for that particular lane of traffic.

At R.C. Moore, one of our goals is to assist you in reducing your overall freight shipping costs. Years of experience in 3PL have equipped us to better optimize our freight traffic. If you need professional shipping support, including cross docking services, contact us today.